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Saturday seemed to be an extremely long day. It didn't help that I wanted a lie in and forgot to set the alarm to "off" so I was up from 8am. It also didn't help that I spent most of the day rearranging clothes on radiators to try to dry them. I'm never going to let the washing back up for 3 weeks again.

Until next time.

Karen and Ruddy came over on the evening and we tried in vain to find something worth watching on TV. The original plan was to go see Vanilla Sky but somehow it never happened. When they put on the PS2 I retreated and went to bed feeling exhausted. Crazy, really, since I grabbed a couple of hours during the day and it was only midnight.

I think maybe the cold that everyone at work is carrying around is catching up with me. I don't have cold symptoms, really, except a slightly blocked nose. But I am feeling tired a lot and woke up aching a bit this morning. Maybe a day off work is in order. We'll see.

The plan for today is to read the reams and reams of legal stuff from the solicitor and see if I'm meant to sign anything from the pile... And then out to the pub for dinner. I haven't cooked in days and I'm not complaining.
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Wanna know why there are no spoilers about the Lord of the Rings film in here? It's because we haven't seen it. Not for want of trying. However, it turns out to be a bad idea to go and see the most popular film around on its opening weekend when that weekend is also the weekend before Christmas. Two cinemas showing the film more regularly than hourly and we still couldn't get in. Oh well.

I'm feeling terribly inadequate already, anyway, not having read the books. I'm sure several people I know would be aghast to discover this, so don't tell 'em I said anything.

Chances are I won't be around much online until after Christmas now, so have a good one, merry, happy, joyous etc etc
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There were no fireworks for us this year. At least, not in the proper, traditional sense of watching a bonfire and seeing the full display. The best we got was those rogue examples that flew high enough over neighbours' houses for us to watch. I'd have liked to go and watch a proper display but we didn't manage it, mainly due to not being a real part of the local community. We don't know anyone and we don't know the familiar names for the local area. There were signs all over the place, flaunting the fact that some place called The Meadows was having a display on Saturday night - but who knows where that is?

So we spent Saturday evening over at Ruddy and Karen's place, just watching TV. Sunday, the highlight of the evening was the televising of Scream 2. And this evening I'm sitting home in front of the computer, pretty much like any other average night.

Since I spend so much time in front of it, I figured I'd take a break from the money-must-be-saved-for-a-house-deposit ethos and spend some cash upgrading it. I'll get to play my few games at a decent speed and also stand a chance of playing new ones that come out. It will give Photoshop and its ilk a much needed boost as well.


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