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Slept away most of the day. Discovered eating is a BAD idea (you are spared the details). Have a stomach ache and still feel tired. At least this could explain why I spent most of the weekend asleep. Time to break open the echinacea.
May. 8th, 2002 01:38 pm


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Time for Ang to look smug. She said all the non-sleeping would catch up with me. I estimate I've had about an average of 4 hours per night since last Thursday. And it just hit me. Very suddenly. I'm now struggling to keep my eyes open and the emergency Pepsi Max isn't working. Maybe that window I just opened will help a bit. It may yet come down to me going home with a fake headache.
Apr. 29th, 2002 01:56 pm


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Michael just messaged me "Help! Apathy!"

And, yeah, that about sums up the working day.

I'm tired today. Probably the combination of hard bed building and being woken by stormy weather at 4am.
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I've gotta write a document about all the things we didn't like about this project. It's going to be quite long and whingey. I've gotta get it done today. I wanna go home. I'm bored.

I thought about peppering it with dilbert quotes and stuff to make it vaguely entertaining but that might be looked down on. And I'm not sure I can get up the enthusiasm to do the research for it anyway.

I didn't feel so lethargic (ooh, look, there's 'lethargic' mood icon) when I got on the train this morning. But we got delayed for 40 minutes due to a fire at Vauxhall and I was having a nice sleep when they interrupted me by arriving at Waterloo. I tried coffee to wake me up when I got off the bus, but all that's done is bring back the twitch (right eye, today).

And I want to know what this bruise on my right hand is. Where the hell did that come from?

But mostly I just want to go home and sleep cos I was up late last night.
Mar. 26th, 2002 07:20 pm


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I didn't go into work today. By this morning I didn't feel too bad, but last night I slept really badly. I was way too hot under the blankets and too cold outside of them. Even with just a sheet over me I was too hot, and my throat was sore and dry, whilst the water I was drinking didn't seem to affect it. I think I slept for about an hour all together and there's no way I'm going to work on one hour's sleep. Besides, I'm still hot and I expect if I actually owned a thermometer to use then I'd find I had a high temperature.

So I dozed (still couldn't sleep properly) until midday, then fiddled around with the Gameboy Advance a little before turning to Buffy. Comfort TV. I'm feeling pretty exhausted, but I'm not going to doze again because I'm determined to get a proper sleep tonight.
Mar. 18th, 2002 10:12 am

Bad Night

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There are two beds in our house. One of them is a single which Sin sleeps in. The other is a double which Raz and I share, despite having split up. It makes sense - we're still friends and nobody wants to sleep on the living room floor, so until I move out everything is more or less how it was before we broke up. Including the snoring.

Apparantly, I snore. However, for some reason, if you put a hand on my head then I stop. I don't understand this, nor do I understand how it was discovered - "Ah, a snoring person, I know what'll stop that, I'll place my hand on their head!" Uh, riiiight.

Raz, on the other hand, snores and snores and snores. Not in a regular pattern. Just a snore or two or three, then a pause then another snore, some more pausing and just as you start to doze off thinking that's it he starts again. It's so frustrating - it's like a door banging in the breeze. There's no rhythm to get used to - it's just this really annoying intermittent noise. If you get him to turn over then sometimes it will stop. Not last night. I think I usually avoid the issue by going to bed first - I'm asleep by the time he appears and starts making a racket.

Last night, somehow I stayed up until 1am by accident. I can't even remember what I was doing - I usually aim to be in bed at midnight. But it was 1am when I got into bed and about 1.20am when Raz got into bed and for some reason I hadn't dozed off yet. He did, though. Pretty much instantly. And to cut a dull tale a little shorter I'll skip to the point at 2.30am when I got completely pissed off with the situation, grabbed my pillows and a sleeping bag and slept on the sofa downstairs instead. Forgetting to switch off the alarm clock upstairs. Whoops.

So I set my mobile to wake me at 6.45, but was actually woken by Raz coming down to inform me the alarm upstairs was going at 6.30. That's four hours of sleep. That's not enough. I am tired. And the train was cancelled and I didn't get a seat it was easy to sleep in on the next train. And I'm tired. And did I mention I'm tired? And I ache cos that sofa isn't the best shape for sleeping on. And I'm tizzzzzzz
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Went and signed a contract today. This house thing is happening, it seems. Also endured the trains yet again - overhead lines blown down around Potters Bar this time. Delays of hours at a time both inwards and out. *sigh*

We're proposing an exchange date of 8th March to see what the sellers come back with. Guess I could be moving soon, but it's hard to get motivated to do the packing and such until it's all confirmed and definite. It's not as though there's actually any rush.

Right, my sleep is all caught up and I'm not that tired but since it's 1am I'm going to bed. I'm not messing up the sleep pattern again when I just got it under control.
Feb. 20th, 2002 11:37 am


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I am trying really, really hard to stay awake right now. I realise that the themes currently running through my LiveJournal appear to be "I'm tired" and "I'm hungover" right now, and this entry is not going to detract from that. But, hey, I had a GREAT weekend. More on that later - at least for those LJ recognises as my friends.
Feb. 11th, 2002 10:22 am


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I really am useless when it comes to trying to sleep sensibly. Friday night I slept from around midnight to six thirty - an average workday type night. Which would have been fine, except that I really had some catching up to do. I spent Saturday in London, got home at around 10pm and messed around online until midnight at which point I went to bed and woke up at 6.30am. And 7am. And 8.30am. And 9am. And then I thought "Sod this" and got up.

So, although it was interrupted, that was a decent sleep that should have set me back on track for the week ahead. And what did I do? I stayed up until 2am chatting online, knowing perfectly well that I had to get up at 6.30 this morning. So now I'm tired again and I didn't sort out the software on the laptop ready for Corflu, so that still needs doing and there's Friends to watch on video and Dark Angel is on tonight and I'm all set up for another late night, despite my better intentions.

And there's also the small matter of the eye test today. I'm getting quite concerned about my vision. Everything is fine apart from the computer screen. And on tired days the computer screen is noticably blurry looking. And let's face it, they're all tired days, really, aren't they?
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So I was at the Ton last night and Mark says to me "You're drinking water? You have to bear in mind you'll be drinking with Nic this time next week, you should probably get in practise."

Now logic says that I complied and that's why I woke up feeling cruddy, right? Well, it's not true. I actually had three drinks of Smirnoff Ice and two drinks of water. I mean, what kind of wimp am I?!

But maybe it wasn't a hangover. It could just be lack of sleep. I mean, 4.5 hours is a little on the low side, isn't it? I think _jamez_ (note to self, read up on how to link other people properly) must be doing all my sleeping for me. I'm certainly not keeping up with it.

I should probably get an early night tonight since I'm out tomorrow (Picocon). It also turns out that I won't be flying alone when I go to Corflu next week as Mark and Claire are on the same flight. Very handy - especially since it means we can share a taxi at the other end and forego the arranging of the shuttle bus trip that would have otherwise been the cheaper alternative.

So, I should sleep tonight, get social Saturday, do the washing and some packing on Sunday, then back to work on Monday. And also an eye test. I should probably try not to be tired as my vision seems to suffer when my eyes are dry from lack of sleep.

Nothing in particular planned for the evenings, then Thursday I get to introduce jetlag into the equasion. Yay, or not, as the case may be.
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Saturday seemed to be an extremely long day. It didn't help that I wanted a lie in and forgot to set the alarm to "off" so I was up from 8am. It also didn't help that I spent most of the day rearranging clothes on radiators to try to dry them. I'm never going to let the washing back up for 3 weeks again.

Until next time.

Karen and Ruddy came over on the evening and we tried in vain to find something worth watching on TV. The original plan was to go see Vanilla Sky but somehow it never happened. When they put on the PS2 I retreated and went to bed feeling exhausted. Crazy, really, since I grabbed a couple of hours during the day and it was only midnight.

I think maybe the cold that everyone at work is carrying around is catching up with me. I don't have cold symptoms, really, except a slightly blocked nose. But I am feeling tired a lot and woke up aching a bit this morning. Maybe a day off work is in order. We'll see.

The plan for today is to read the reams and reams of legal stuff from the solicitor and see if I'm meant to sign anything from the pile... And then out to the pub for dinner. I haven't cooked in days and I'm not complaining.
Jan. 21st, 2002 11:02 am


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It's been a busy day. Deadline at work, stuff to do online on the night, continuing mortgage sorting. And then the highly important Dark Angel viewing tonight. (Although series 2 just isn't coming off as well as series 1 did.)

I've upped my walking quota. Weekdays I spend around 1.5 hours walking. 15 minutes at each end of the day to and from the station, plus 30 minutes or so from Waterloo to work. My legs are protesting a little but they'll get used to it. Probably.

Consequently I'm knackered and signing off.
Nov. 3rd, 2001 11:00 pm


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I don't think I've been very good company today. I've been extremely irritable and restless with no obvious reason. I think perhaps I'm ill. I've had a blocked nose most mornings this week and I've been pretty tired of late.

My regular schedule isn't ideal as it means I get around six hours of sleep but it involves going to bed around midnight and getting up around half six. The getting up isn't flexible, what with the world of work and a the accompanying ugly commute, but I've been taking advantage of the more moveable target of bedtime which has been eleven or so for a lot of this week. And I'm still tired every day. Perhaps it's stress.


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