May. 5th, 2002 12:09 pm

Well, duh

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After running up the phonebill on our room at the stupid rate of something like 37p a minute to grab email a couple of times, someone points out the data ports on the sofas in the bar. Some investigation later, here I am. Alison Scott [ profile] bohemiancoast has the documentary evidence and dubs it "The Dr Plokta Memorial Sofa".

And the exciting emails? Three live journal comments, something like ten items of mailing list email and approximately 25 items of spam.

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May. 3rd, 2002 01:07 am


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Buffy didn't record! Well, it did, but there's no sound!

And I can't figure out quite why. Damnit! Well that's two hours gained, anyway...


What the... It seems to be related to the tape. But in a really odd way. If I set the VCR to record then it comes on, records as directed, but doesn't get the sound. If I press the record button it records with no problem. If I switch to a different tape then I can get sound by direct recording or by pre-set recording.

I can understand the tape being dodgy. I can understand there being a problem with pre-setting the VCR if there's something wrong with the machine. But the two combined to cause the problem? How does that work?!

And why did Buffy have to be sacrificed to the discovery? Grr.
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With Gavin's talk of his dying keyboards I've just examined my own. The keys are wearing away. There are slash marks across them where the years have seen my fingernails strike down so often they're leaving marks. The worst damaged keys are:

E - understandable. Most used letter in English.
A - understandable again. A vowel and a home key.
S - again - a commonly used letter and a home key.
N - Huh?!?

On the right hand side of the keyboard the only keys to suffer this fate are the full stop and the letter N. Why the letter N? I don't type that many words with Ns in them. It's not a home key. I don't have to pass it on the way to the space bar or anything. I really don't understand this.

Beyond the scrape marks (and I just noticed that the letter I has been affected slightly) there's the issue of the letters wearing off the tops. This doesn't matter as I touch type but I've lost the N, most of the M and the O. D is half there and H is fading. Despite the slashes A is mostly there, as is E. The numbers are fine and the F keys across the top of the board are used so rarely they have a layer of dust across them.

And this concludes Keyboard 101. Discuss.
Mar. 12th, 2002 10:00 am

New Phone

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I'm getting a new mobile. The people who sold me my original are offering me a new phone for free - same number as I currently have and a committment to Orange for another 12 months (but then I didn't plan to change anyhow) and the phone is mine. It will be delivered to work on Thursday. The only problem is that it doesn't have data capabilities or infra red - which means no permanently available modem for my palm pilot. Still, if it turns out this is a problem I can just go back to using the old phone. Meanwhile I get to play with those face-plate things - I can customise one with an Ankh. Hmm...


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