May. 11th, 2002 07:08 pm

27th July

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How does 27th July sound for a barbecue, then? Anything clashing with that for everyone?
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Okay, so I've checked my hospital appointment. On 27th August I'm having two wisdom teeth forcibly removed from my head whilst under a general anaesthetic. Do you think I'm likely to be in a fit state by that weekend to do this barbecue thing?
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I want to do the housewarming thing. Only I feel horribly inexperienced in this kind of stuff and I'm not quite sure where to start. I've never thrown a party. Ever.

So far the plan is a very vague "Maybe I could have a barbecue in August". So taking that as a starting point, help me out, here. Would you come to a barbecue one weekend in Peterborough? Would it make a difference to you if I offered crash space? I can comfortably put up about five people (double bed, double bottom bunk, single upper bunk), more as the comfort decreases (sofa, floorspace). There is a B&B at the end of the road that we could also make use of. Does this sound like a good plan? If not what would you recommend?


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