May. 21st, 2002 09:59 pm

SSX Quote

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I put SSX Tricky on and played it really badly for a while before giving up again. I've got it running while I go through emails but I was very impressed with the following quote from it that came out during the demo.

"Just like I planned it! Only... bad."
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I always do this. I'm meeting Alison and Yvonne today. Aimed to be at Paddington for 11ish but my paranoia about lateness kicked in at here I was at 10am.

But there's a branch of Electronics Boutique here and after browsing for a while I stumbled across the newly re-released Final Fantasy 4&5. The shop assistant was quite surprised. He automatically assumed it was one of the 'pre-order FFX' boxes from the shelf and started to tell me he couldn't give it to me right now, then did a double take, cut himself short and asked 'Hey, when did this come out?'

I am starting to think maybe I should find time to play these games I'm collecting. Wish I could get away with THAT at work! Question is do I buy FFX on Friday or just wait...?
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My poor legs! And feet! And heart!

Jungle Book groove party is HARD! Especially when you have barely any sense of rhythm (that'd be me, then).

I've got windows open and I'm downing water like a mad thing. But hey, it's fun. And it's good for me.
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I posted earlier in some comments section somewhere about how I figured eating just half my pizza and using the Playstation dancemat constitute something approaching a healthy lifestyle. But actually, the only thing I did yesterday that is out of the ordinary is use the dancemat (sorry, I can't bring myself to call it a Rave Station) and Jungle Book Groove Party and today I'm feeling all energised and cheery. This is good. So tonight I will beat Baloo. I might even move up beyond "normal" level. I've been out and bought a PS1 memory card since the PS2 one I already own isn't happy to save from a PS1 game. Oversight on Sony's part or deliberate ploy to make people buy more peripherals? Hmm...
Mar. 25th, 2002 03:28 pm


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I'm a marketing department's dream. I bought Gavin's Gameboy Advance system off him and it should arrive tomorrow. I decided I wanted an extra game to go with it and wandered into WH Smiths. Where they had an offer on all the Gameboy games. Buy two, get one free. So I did. Gah!

I got Columns Crown, Golden Sun and (wait for it) Scrabble! Ha! I shall become invincible, I have no need of you puny human opponents!
Mar. 23rd, 2002 10:23 pm


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Inspired by the frequent bouts of Literati with [ profile] ang_grrr and [ profile] ajr I went out and bought Scrabble Deluxe today. It's lovely. And I can say as much without even having unwrapped it as yet.

Why haven't I unwrapped it? Because I've been busy playing another game - Buffy. And boy, is it complicated. I think by the end of it Raz and I had wrapped our heads around what we were meant to be doing and we could probably manage to get through a whole game again without having to consult the instructions. But maybe not.


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