Apr. 29th, 2002 02:05 pm


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Sometimes I get a favourite word and can't let go of it. Currently it is "stupid". Stupid hammer. Stupid feet. Stupid rainstorm waking me up at 4am. Stupid flatpack furniture. Stupid bathtap. Stupid noisy dog next door.

See what I mean? They say that swearing implies a limited vocabulary. (Bollocks, say I.) I wonder what they'd make of this.

Stupid theory.
Apr. 29th, 2002 05:47 am


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Well, the battle of the flatpack is well and truly over save the aches and pains it induced. My hands are sore and I have assorted minor injuries. I'm trying to figure out whether I have a splinter lodged in my finger or just a thin cut that looks like a splinter. The whole thing would have been much easier if my electric screwdriver, bought specially for the job, had actually been useable. In their wisdom the manufacturers made the bulk of the work require an allan key that they supplied. Gee, thanks, but now my hands hate me.

So it's back to work today for a rest, I think. Unless for once they actually give us some work to do - we shall see. But I have been mightily cheered after being woken Too Damned Early by the rain upon seeing [livejournal.com profile] ang_grrr's new userpic.

Tonight I tidy the house. And then I get on with some serious relaxing while I struggle with the conundrum of how to get rid of a thousand bits of cardboard box.
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I've been working on this pile of screws and wood for over three hours now. Why isn't it a bed yet? Why do I only seem to be about a fifth of the way through making it? You know what? If you ever stay at my house you had BETTER APPRECIATE THIS BED!
Apr. 20th, 2002 05:52 pm


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Okay, so I had a bathroom/kitchen/water related disaster, but I'm told it should all dry out without further intervention so I'm going to try to forget about it, save for fixing the leaky tap area.

Meanwhile, though, in my first foray into the world of DIY I have successfully put up a shelf! It's not perfect, I haven't figured out what to put on it yet, but it's a shelf and it's on my dining room wall and I put it there. With a drill and everything. Impressive, huh?


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