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because he didn't understand why there were tears rolling down.

Jul. 26th, 2017 11:51 pm

Flat Cat

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Katie has now been introduced to Fuzzy Britches, the flat cat in The Rolling Stones. She insisted that I read into the next chapter so that she would find out how the youngest child would take to the flat cat. (Well, as you might remember.)

Little does she know what is going to happen soon...
Jul. 26th, 2017 09:38 pm

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I have not learned yet how to reshare stuff on DW, but: a short discussion from [personal profile] flwyd about the history and thoughts on the coiled rattlesnake with "don't tread on me".
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Ну, или как у нас говорят: ума нет - считай калека 

Jul. 26th, 2017 08:01 pm

CSS Hack

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I wanted to change all my ljuser icons to Warcraft 3 icons.

This hack helps in changing ljuser icons. It's impossible to find without some serious Googling.

code )
Jul. 26th, 2017 05:07 pm


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Guess what? They did it! This time my second dose of Spinraza is swirling around in my spinal column. It was still pretty difficult this time although they did make some adjustments. I got a CT scan in addition to fluoroscope. I guess the CT gave them a little more information. Apparently I have a lot of bone in the way of some natural access points. The one place they’ve managed to be successful is a fairly small hole and they’ve got to approach it at just the right angle. They worked on me for about an hour. Having gone through this the day before, Tuesday’s hour was about my limit.

Another adjustment they made, was not putting me on the table until the doctors were ready to proceed. I still had to wait while they checked my spine out with the fluoroscope, but at least all the time I was on the table they were working towards the injection. I’m going to have a long conversation with the doctors in the near future. There must be some way they can make this process easier. I’m not so worried about getting my “loading” doses but I am concerned about the continuing process of getting these shots. I have a third dose in two weeks and then a fourth dose a month after that. Then I need to get a dose every four months for the rest of my life. I guess I will deal if I have to but it’s a discouraging prospect.

I’m going to try to respond to everyone individually, but if I don’t get to you, please know that all of your support with the support of my family makes it possible for me to go through this. I think I’ve noticed some improvements in my physical status, but I hesitate to talk about it much this early in the process. I will keep people informed.
Jul. 26th, 2017 07:50 pm

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I am sans one wisdom tooth. It should have been two, but the dentist had to pump so much painkiller into me, that he could not do any more numbing. Also, I am not sure I could stand another removal just then, it was pretty fucking painful and uncomfortable. They had to take it out in two pieces. At least the thing they put in my mouth to hold it open was not a horrible metal contraption.

Since the numbing effect wore off, I am in pain. Not where the tooth was removed. Mostly I have trouble swallowing on that side. The pain meds and the cold on the jaw make it annoying rather then tantrum level uncomfortable. It's a good thing I have already took off work tomorrow. There is no fucking way I am dealing with this at work.
Jul. 26th, 2017 04:42 pm

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So. I got the results back from the lung biopsy. They were cancerous. I don't know yet if it's metastasized from the uterus or if it's something else altogether. I have an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday to decide how to move forward on this. But if it's metastasized then this is stage four cancer.
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It's not going to be a surprise to anyone who reads my blog that I think Trump's stated policies against trans individuals serving in the armed forces is heinous. It's despicable, divisive, regressive, and just frankly wrong. I've seen assertions of somewhere between 4,000 and 15,000 trans persons serving in the armed forces today. Even if we take the highest number, the resulting amount of cost to the VA care system is minuscule compared to the real costs of meeting our social commitment to care for those who have put their lives and careers on the line for this country.

If Trump actually cared about the costs of medical care for military personnel he'd be paying attention to the VA healthcare system and its needs. But in fact he doesn't care. Nor does he care about trans people. They're just today's convenient targets in his ongoing abdication of the job of being president for anyone who isn't his natural supporter. I hear those folk think he's doing just fine to which I say, "fuck you."

Normally I try to be a little more tolerant but between the attempt to kill people by taking away their healthcare and this nonsense I've run out of tolerant for a while. Trump is manifestly unfit for the job of Commander in Chief; the people he's attacking are either fit or not, a fact that can be determined without ever raising questions of their sex, their gender, their assigned-at-birth gender, or their gender presentation. Disqualification of a class of persons based on a characteristic unrelated to their job performance is a sign of a weak and cowardly leader.
Jul. 26th, 2017 03:49 pm

Truth in labelling

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While checking the junk folder to make sure nothing important got sorted in there, I find fake Facebook notices about "2 messages waiting to be read homogeneously" and "one message that must be read meaninglessly." Indeed.
Jul. 26th, 2017 09:11 pm

in which I am the most grumpy

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1. abrinsky went to Liverpool this morning and won't be back until tomorrow night

2. I went for another walk at a normal pace this afternoon, and halfway round my circuit the OTHER leg started to hurt and now I'm limping again, but on the wrong leg.

3. Board meeting this evening, when I really wanted to retire to bed with book/video and alcohol.

4. Board meeting did not go well. Person who has previously exhibited bigotry was doing it again as I arrived. I disagree with the majority of the board about our approach and strategy. I am right, obvs. Someone is being poisonous and judgemental. Someone else doesn't trust anyone. I've come home feeling like I HATE EVERYBODY. Trying not to send my resignation email until I've slept on it. Restraint needed.

5. Brother is ill and cannot attend the storytelling festival at the weekend. I was SO looking forward to hanging out with him and his kids and now it's all roooooooned.

6. I want to offer to take his kids to the festival without him, but we feel (all of us, including my bro) that this would be too risky. For reasons.

7. I hate even numbers. I don't trust them, all round and smooth and secretly evil. (Have I mentioned I divide most things into odd/even? Flavours, days of the week, colours, shapes. I like odd, spiky, sour, left-handed, green and yellow things best of all. Especially on Wednesdays.)
Jul. 26th, 2017 03:51 pm

Davis Square Food Tour!

[personal profile] davissquaregal posting in [community profile] davis_square
I recently started a Davis Square food tour and would love help getting the word out. I love this community and was disheartened to see the many open store fronts as well as chains like bfresh enter the neighborhood. My mission is to support the Square as an entertainment destination so that people don't start thinking of Somerville as Assembly Row :)

Anyways, we'd love it if you would support our tiny company! The tour is a lot of fun! It's called Off The Beaten Path Food Tours & Experiences (, and we are booking our first tours this weekend with Friday - Sunday tours being available.

By way of marketing, I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions. We'd love help promoting it, and we're excited to showcase awesome entrepreneurs in our backyard and sample their delicious eats. If you have a guest in town, run an AirBNB, have a niece starting at Tufts, etc. etc. it's great to learn more about the history of our neighborhood and meet some local folks doing great things.
Jul. 26th, 2017 08:49 pm

So much for planning

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The first week of school holidays; a big to-do list to get done at both home and work before Helsinki; in particular a big code push early on Tuesday morning.  I had a whole carefully worked-out schedule of when Tony and I would be at work and on leave and working from home and doing childcare runs.

Early on Monday morning, I woke up very suddenly and proceeded to have a very thorough stomach upset for much of the day.  My boss is the best boss, for taking over and sorting out my Tuesday work for me.  I had to reorganise the cleaner, and my routine bone marrow appointment due today (because taking a potential stomach bug into a ward of cancer patients is distinctly antisocial) and completely redo the who-is-home-when plan for the week.

But I was at least able to work today, and (fingers-crossed) I'll be back in the office tomorrow.

The most exciting thing this week has at least gone to plan so far.  My dad made a flying visit today to collect Nicholas for a long weekend at WOMAD. His first time away from home without a parent in tow; not his first time away from both parents though, and it should be a lot of fun for them both.  I look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.
Jul. 26th, 2017 11:42 am

Returning after long absence

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Any Pride and Prejudice or Lost in Austen active communities?
Jul. 26th, 2017 06:45 pm

Storybuilding: A Ramble

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Mirrored from Kiya Nicoll.

I’m working on this story.

I have… nine tabs of reference material open, assuming I haven’t lost some somewhere, all of them about real-world culture and organization of the Marines (both US and Royal). That’s not counting the brief things I have opened, researched, and closed (“How would a Marine address their Navy corpsman?”).

Or the other things I’ve had open. Common world surnames, say, that’s one I keep having to pull up every time I get another speaking part. The aliens’ names are easier, there are only two of them in the platoon, and I can just make something up that’s in accord with their vocal apparatus. Trying to reach out for names that paint the suggestion that there’s a broad world full of human beings that contribute in the subtext, though, that requires some actual thought. And some thought, because just snagging ‘most common surname’ by continent or something is still lazy. Just a slightly broader lazy than before. But if the worldbuilding wants to include breadth of humanity it has to actually show it in the interstitial bits.

And then there’s more overtly political questions. I sit with this story, this story that I’m trying to root in a particular military experience, while proclamations are being made about trans people in the military, and I go, “… is there someone trans in this platoon?” Because that’s as conscious a decision as having women in the platoon, as having names for people that reach beyond European standards, and the odds are good that someone like Karou the hyenoid alien does not exist but I am damn sure that Chelsea Manning does. It’s easy to just grab the easy names, the assumed genders, the just-like-every-other-story bits, easy and lazy and anyway if it’s just like every other story why am I sitting and writing it in the first place?

And it goes on. Trying to articulate a plausible Space Marine ethos means spending a bit of time sitting with actual Marine expressions to try to figure out how that would translate, how to include it, how to express it in the story without sitting down and doing the “This Is What It Means” talk from people who are busy with their actual mission. It means coming up with story twists and angles that will let that actually show, rather than remain entirely invisible underneath the events. Which isn’t a different writing problem than questions of human diversity at all – it’s all about how to take the things that are true in the storyworld and make them visible and plausible.

I did a little mini-tweet-thread about this question of breadth of humanity, mostly talking about Cracked Pots, the novel in progress, but it holds here too. My gods, it’s full of PEOPLE. And figuring out the people means figuring out the things, the details that make them all real. All the effort into the little telling details and right moments.

This particular story is capped at 5000 words for the market I’m writing for.

Longer stories produce… notably more tabs.

Jul. 26th, 2017 02:41 pm

Caturday and the latest cats

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Sunshine was adopted! I'm only surprised it took so long. Two of the kittens were still there from a week ago. That's unusual, especially since it's so much fun to watch them play. Their names are Placido and Domingo, but copying of someone's bad handwriting changed the names on the card to Racedot and Domino. There's nothing placid about them.

Even more surprising, Ladyslipper was adopted. As I've said before, cats are often better behaved when they get out of the stressful shelter environment.

Al RokerToday's star was Al Roker, who is extremely friendly, to the point that he's hard to photograph. He's already reserved for adoption.

Cece just sat in her litter box and didn't want to move. Some cats like sitting in litter boxes. I think it must have something to do with their desert ancestry. Virginia got authorization to let her out of her cage. It took her a while to decide to come out, and then she found another litter box to sit in.

Cyan and Bongo are still around. Bongo likes the highest places. A new cat was named Bella Donna (not belladonna!). When I gave her her food, I sang, "Bella chow, Bella chow, Bella chow chow chow!"
Jul. 26th, 2017 07:16 pm

Front door appreciation

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I have been delivering leaflets (for greens, since you asked). This has given me a new appreciation of letter boxes, which I can now rank for post usability. But also, I am really noticing front doors.

Today I found this beauty. The door itself is purple, but the panels have been painted pink and there are little flowers on the panels which have picked out in a deep violet. It's wonderful.

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