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  • Tue, 15:25: I’m hopeful that today will be the first day this year that I don’t need decongestants.
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Stupid illness. Go away.
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My skating plan was pulled forwards yesterday. One of Jonny's friends was having a belated birthday party in the afternoon which involved a pub and many board gamers, however I did have the morning free.

I kitted up with knee pads, wrist guards and skates and went out. I lasted about 10 to 15 minutes due to the agonising cramping my heels were subjecting me to. I then remembered that the last time I tried to ice skate I had the same issue. I tried to push through it and skated up and down a small local path for a while, having established that the basketball court had too much gravel and the pavements outside my house had too many unstable paving slabs, but it was too painful to stick with and I retired defeated.

All was not lost, however. I planned to go out today on my skateboard instead. I am terrible on a skateboard and in this case the ball court is suitable as it slows the travel enough for me to learn to balance on it. I planned that for today as by the time my feet recovered from escaping the skates I didn't really feel like rushing to put the protective gear back on. I figured Sunday was the day for that.

However, sitting in the pub staring at the board game cricked my neck. Overnight it has grown worse and it's painful to turn far in either direction. Plus it's very windy out there which is off putting.

And thus I am taking a lazy day instead and updating a website I look after.
Feb. 5th, 2016 08:44 am


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Written last night, failed to post when sent:
Tonight I am mostly pondering trying skating again. Haven't put my inlines on in years but somebody whizzed by me this morning and it does look like a much more fun commute. I have been looking at lessons online and wondering whether to pay up. I did years ago and learnt stuff but I was lax at practicing between or after the lessons and any skill I gained is probably lost. I shall try to give it a go on Sunday - should my resolve hold out.
Feb. 3rd, 2016 08:27 am


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When I was a child I lost myself in books. I would read anything when I was ten, not necessarily understanding much of it. As the years went by I found other things to fill my time and recently I've realised just how much time I sink into idly browsing the internet or playing pointless games for little reward. So I've made a conscious effort to restart.

I'm on Goodreads now and making use of the Kindle more.
Aug. 12th, 2014 03:04 pm


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Help me, lazyweb!

I have a membership for Worldcon. I do not have a hotel room or any time off work. I require at least 5 hours of sleep a night and get up by 6am. Travel between home and ExCel takes anything from around an hour to manylots of hours if I am daft enough to rely on night buses. If I went there on my way home from work I could be there from about 5.30pm Thursday and Friday. I think Monday is best ignored.

What would you suggest are the optimum times for me to attend?

I've downloaded the programme but have yet to pay it much attention.
Mar. 5th, 2014 12:17 pm


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So apparently if lots of people are annoyed at something and state their views on Twitter, that's a "campaign" these days.
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How does tax work in this situation:

I have a regular job and a normal income from it - an annual salary taxed as PAYE.
I do some extra work that brings in a modest income but isn't anything like a primary job and the income is irregular. Let's say it's polishing housebricks on an ad-hoc basis.

I believe I then need to declare this extra income on a tax return.

However, if polishing house bricks were a regular job, I understand I could claim tax exemptions on things like my phone which is needed for contacting potential clients who need bricks polished, and my polishing kit, which is clearly essential. Effectively I'd be declaring myself to be a housebrick polisher.

If housebrick polishing isn't my full time or primary job, though, can I still claim those costs? And how much is reasonable before you get into MP-duckhouse territory? Can I claim on anything peripherally related to the polishing, even if I'd have bought it anyway? What if the items far outweigh the income generated by brick polishing?
Oct. 1st, 2013 03:30 pm

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Either email posting to LJ doesn't work any more, or a flurry of test posts are going to show up randomly from me sometime soon. I wonder which...
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I'm nearly 40.

I remember [livejournal.com profile] dougs writing me a poem on livejournal when I was turning 29. Where the HELL did all those years go?

[livejournal.com profile] shnetti visited for a while and we toured the country to catch up with people I hadn't seen for years. I have a hankering to get out my box of photos and random memories and see what's in it.

Nostalgia, eh? Ain't like it used to be, is it?
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Quite a shock to see some actual real life activity in the anonymousclaire community!

Which prompts me to ask - who among you are going to the Nine Worlds convention next month?
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I don't read LJ every day any more. There's not enough content to justify it.

I'm entirely useless at updating. I've started taking a snapshot or two every day to at least remind me of what the hell I was doing on any given day. But they go up on Google+ because that's the easiest dispatch method. I'd had a vague idea of annotating them but who has the time?

The LJ "community" is all but gone. The new homepage changes show that LJ care nothing for me, they are courting gossip-loving celebrity obsessed people who want to be popular among their peers.

I haven't been to a convention since last year's Eastercon, which I didn't enjoy. I'm signed up for Nine Worlds and Worldcon but not sure how much I'm going to get out of them. Somehow I'm not part of that world any more, and it wasn't entirely intentional.

On Tuesday I went to a talk by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, expecting to see numerous familiar faces among the audience. I recognised the guys who produce The Museum of Curiosity, and Mitch Benn was pointed out at the end. There was a face I thought might be familiar but I couldn't attach a name to it.

How things change.

If you're on my friends list, though, I am reading your stuff. I sometimes even comment. But engagement with LJ is definitely diminishing.
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I work with lots of other people to make computers show writing and pictures about fun or interesting stuff you can listen to or watch. We want it to look beautiful and be easy to use when you want to find something out. Some people draw pictures of how it should look on the computer and it is my job to make it look exactly like that even for the people who don't have the best computers. It isn't very easy because some computers don't work nearly as well as we would like them to. Groups of us often get together in a room where we talk about the work we are doing and we decide what is the most important bit of work to do next. The people who have the last word on it all listen when the rest of us give them good ideas and they often check in with us to see how it is going. Every so often we get together with even more people and show off the work we have done. Sometimes we answer questions they ask and they give us more ideas about making our work better.


Want to give it a go? Go over here:
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I've switched to the new LJ feeds list and I actually quite like it.

I do think they should allow users to customise the CSS to their heart's content, though, it shouldn't be that hard to supply a user editable stylesheet.

The complaints I'd heard don't seem to be that accurate - it certainly doesn't seem illegible. Although it has infinite scrolling (which I dislike) there is a promise that pagingation will still exist for those who want it. There is a lot of white space, but that only bothers me in cases like Andrew Ducker's links lists, otherwise I have no issue. Complaints that "if I go away I'll have to scroll forever to see what happened while I was gone" are erroneous - you now have easier than ever access to seeing your friends list for an exact day using the now more visible calendar features. The "up" button is implemented well to show when updates appear. Personally I think the default is an improvement. I do, though, think that it should be user-customisable.
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The story so far:

So I said "I've got a boyfriend" and people said, "Tell me about him!" and I said "Tell you what?"

Then you said things like, "Well, is he a larper?" and I said "Not yet."

You remember that, right?

Well, now he is.
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An evening of games, tomorrow, on the Southbank:

There's a good chance I'm going to go along.
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I'm going to miss stuff out, I know, but off the top of my head in no order at all:

- Doing set up. It was tiring, I was too inexperienced for some of it and too short for other bits, but I kept myself busy, learnt new skills, and went to bed worn out in a good way each night. This was made fun and worthwhile by the excellent company and teamwork.
- Fab lammies that make people discern as winners
- Ushering Ittimin a few feet backwards for her own safety when she accidentally stepped into our camp
- Feeling integral to things happening. In particular, being called to answer to the sword lady who was cross at us for not making our swords better and being needed to summon the big bad for the final fight.
- Being in the right place at the right time and being invited onto the Muster Chef judging panel. Awesome mushrooms from the Bears and yet they were outclassed all the same when we reached the Gryphons and were served a restaurant level four or five course meal that had been cooked in the field. Other entries were good, but the bar was set so high for future competitions!
- Watching the Warrior and Wench competition. Ridiculously overplayed parts, and greenskin indignance were hilarious.
- People agreeing to get involved with stuff I asked them to help out with.
- Cornering the urchins, keeping them on carpet, and finally understanding how all the Black Flame plot fitted together.
- Yelling at Satuun and vampire cult leaders.
- Talking to Incantors with excellent IC reason to do so, which builds a bridge to letting me hang out with them more in future - since the Crows congregate there and Sue NPCs this is a good thing.
- Nice weather during packing up, and cars allowed on site - I was so concerned during Sunday that it would be otherwise and I'd spend 6 hours filling my car with sopping wet kit.
- Finding the Fireball liquer at Asda - haven't seen it on the shelves since last year and everyong who tasted it liked it.
- Nice roleplay around forging the seven swords into something a little bit closer to their ultimate destination.
- Phobos and his scary secret messages. Finding out later, out of character, that an item I created previously was used in the downfall of someone who wished me ill.
- Being considered competent: Ravenfire asked me for protection, Planar Cartographers came looking for me regarding rites, I was called to talk to the sword lady, and I helped train up some newbie healers to a level of competance on the field.
- Having endurances and not dropping on the first hit.
- Being bemused by a Leviathan ancestral trying to control me.

- Cold and wet, and failing boots in the mud
- Red paint, green pain, unnecessarily large staples
- Not getting to see either of the big bads in the final fight, despite being marked as one of their primary targets
- Doing lots of organisation for the Armourers linear and having our people turned away, then pulling out because the party ready to go looked woefully inequipped and the Harts were sure it was a suicide mission that couldn't possibly succeed with that party configuration.
- Feeling stretched at times. Barely made it to the healers guild and felt like I should be doing more around organising the sword forging.
- Wearing bad footwear and getting blisters the first night of time in.


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